Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dish Em' Up - The Top 10 Turn-Ons For Women

Not too long ago, I posted The Top 10 Turn-Ons For Men....well Ladies, now it's our turn!

Here's what MY list of turn-ons looks like (please share yours by commenting below!)

1. Romantic - this one is obvious (especially if you read my blog frequently!) Got to have the romance. Sweet words, kind thoughts, surprises, and of course being a good old fashioned gentleman.

2. Caring - In spades. Have the ability to be caring, loving, protective, responsible, and look after your lady, and family like they are no other.

3. Intelligent - He has to be able to carry a good conversation, have good values, morals, know how to do things, stand up for himself, and speak his mind.

4. Funny - It's no fun spending all your time with a big ol' sack of potatoes that just sits there. Better one that makes you laugh, is excited, energetic, and fun.

5. Understanding - I don't care what anyone says; women are more complicated than men. And, it takes an undertanding fellow to not only be happy around, but to enjoy his lovely, intricate lady. This includes being a good listener. As women, don't we all just want to be heard, and to be understood.

6. Respectful - There's nothing worse than a man that has no respect for women. He needs to not only speak respectfully, but also act in a respectful manner. One that would never in his life think of hurting the woman he's with, or anyone for that matter.

7. Has to have a cute butt - There is nothing quite like a cute butt, especially one that he can flaunt by wearing sexy boxer briefs, or nice jeans. Butt, naked is best, tehee.

8. Muscles - Especially in the arms, chest, and stomach. If you have them great, if you don't..hey at least it gives you motivation to work on them.)

9. Motivation - You can call this ambition, or hard-working, or all of these. I know so many women who always complain that their husbands are lazy, or won't do what they say they are going to do. It is such a turn on to see a man with a drive, including a good sex drive.

10. Affirmation - I'm all about the positive. Anyone is a turn off when all they do is grumble, and complain all of the time. It's nice to be around a person with a postive outlook on life, your relationship, and on you.

This is MY list, but I cannot wait to hear what YOU have to say!

So, what turns YOU on!???!

What ever it is, I'll be posting it as soon as the results are in.

Thanks in advance you Sexy Ladies!


Mama of Romance

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The Mom said...

The 'after-shower scent'....and the whole shower experience while we're at it! ;)

Lapa37 said...

1.muscles got to love a man with them
2.kissing is my most favorite thing to do.
3.nice ass he's got to fill out his jeans.
4.laughter I love to hear my man laugh at something I said.
5.romance I like when he makes us a bubble bath and puts candles around the tub and music playing.
6.touching soft intimate touching
7.strength no just physical but emotional
that's my list and I'm sure I have more but at this moment in time I went completely blank.

MilesPerHour said...

Iwould have loved to see more women's comments. I am always looking to be a better man for my mate and I thought maybe I could get some additional tips. Oh well, by looking at the list and from the feedback she gives me I am doing pretty darn well.

Kelly said...

smell. oh good God there is no bigger turn on than a sexy smelling man. it doesn't matter if it's is shampoo or a subtle cologne.

LaSara FireFox said...

this list is not in hierarchichal order, but there are ten items.

* noticing/paying attention - when you notice what I like, it goes a long way. In or out of bed. When you notice I've changed my hair, or that I've cleaned the house, or that I look like I could use a hug, it makes me feel proud, taken care, of, seen. I'll do the same for you, and let's see what happens!

* gratitude - when you show me that you are thankful that I chose you, it makes my heart soar. when you tell me you're grateful that you get to go to bed with me, and wake up next to me, i feel nourished.

* focus - like, this moment, right here, right now, is the only thing happening in the whole of time and space.

* confidence - don't second guess yourself. when I say I want you to take control, that's what I mean. And sometimes, I don't want to have to say it at all. Even as a feminist, I still want to be taken care of sometimes.

* vulnerability - this is not the opposite of confidence, as some men assume. i see your willingness to be vulnerable with me as a huge statement of confidence.

* honesty/transparency - don't tell me it's nothing when it's something. how am i supposed to trust you if you don't trust me? trust me with your truth, and i'll do the same.

* responsiveness - in bed or out, paying attention becomes a worthwhile practice when you learn to respond appropriately to the information you gather. That doesn't mean doing what you think is supposed to come next, but actually paying attention AS you respond, and honing your response to meet my desire. Sounds complicated, but it gets easier when you get present in the moment!

* sharing responsibilities - in sex that means doing your part about safety, birth control, and shared pleasure. In life it means parenting with me, house keeping with me, making decisions WITH me (not around or to me), making goals and building dreams with me.

* always being willing to face any fears that come up, and go deeper with me. In bed or out, we all have fears that arise around letting each other in, trusting, independence vs. intimacy, personal power vs. shared experience. when you get scared, remember that I get scared, too. bring it to me, and I promise to do my best not to hurt you, make you wrong, or close you down. open to me, and I'll open to you.

10. be willing to cultivate and in invest in love through it all. when my ex and i separated, I loved my way through it. it wasn't always easy, but now that I know I can do that, I can love through anything.

even when I'm angry at you, I can find the love within and around the anger. even when I'm hurt, scared, tired of the b.s., I can still find, connect with, and foster the love.

I know this may seem like a stretch, but it's something that actually comes pretty naturally to me. In my new husband, I've found a man who also practices this attitude.

I'm loving you. Love me, too.

Bonus sex secret: I like it dirty, and I like it rough. I also like it gentle, and loving, and sweet. If I trust you enough, there is no edge that's point-blank off-limits. Make it possible for me to trust you, and you'll gain the golden key.

-LaSara, aka Yoga Mama

Tenakim said...

you have many good ones- I will second smell and add humour, LaSara is RIGHT ON!

The wife said...

Offering to clean the bathroom for me so I can relax instead of worrying about the to-do list!
Love a good smelling man too!!!

Allison said...

Intelligence... You can have the looks but if you are as dumb as a door nail the rest doesn't matter!

Ann said...

After reading LaSara's wonderfully expansive list I just have to bow to her honesty. What a wonderful read.
Between you Mama, and LaSara, I'll just say WOW!
If I could feel that I was desired, that would help a lot. A LOT! (Lack of attention is playing too big a part of our lives right now. It makes me sad.)