Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Great Baby Debate

4 years, 5 months, and 17 days ago I became a Mom for the very first time. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

Now I'm a Mom to 3 beautiful, unique, and amazing little men.

Their ages are 4, 2, and now 1 year-old, and while I hear the words "you look like you have your hands full," far more times than I can possibly count as I push my grocery cart full of not only groceries, but children, I'm presently weighing my options of whether or not I should make my hands a little more full, or whether my husband should go ahead and get the snip-snip.

The great baby debate began the day after my youngster's first birthday party. The day that he stood, and declared the words Mama, with his grinning smile, and 6 protruding teeth, and - almost took his first step.

Now, he wants to play with his big brothers all of the time, and all they want to do is play all of the time, that has Mommy (me) feeling a little lonely without a baby to rock, and hold. I'm still so young, and just not sure if I'm comfortable with the thought that my little one year-old, going on 4 might be my last little bundle of joy.

Since I was little, I always thought that when I grew up I would have at least 1 boy, and 1 girl. Reality though, seems to say that this scenario simply isn't in the cards.

I know, and am a big believer in that if the baby is healthy, that's all that matters.

But, I'm thinking ahead...5 years, 10 years from now, am I going to look back, and wish that I had of had just 1 more child, just maybe that it might have been a girl.

I feel so selfish in having this thought.

But, when I look at my little men, and their father, and see how close to Daddy that they are becoming - well, it makes me think of how pretty soon, they're going to all want to do Guy Things, and little Ol' Mommy will be left all alone.

Maybe it's because I was so close with my mom, maybe it's because I lost her so early, that I long for that kind of Mother-Daughter relationship. So far, to no avail.

That isn't to say that my little guys aren't the love of my life, or that I love them any less, because I don't - they mean everything to me.

So, hubbie and I talked, and talked, and revisited this do we, or do we not subject over, and over again.

And, I'm happy to announce that we are not only making love for the sake of making love any more! We are trying to make a baby!!!!

Everyone think pink for me, would ya!?

The panties are coming off tonight Baby!!


Mama of Romance

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Diamond said...

You go, girl! (pink, pink, pink, pink....)

The cup is half full...... said...

Soon I'll be on the same boat as you excpet I only have one baby and it's a boy! And I'm hoping that in a yr or so I will be blessed with carrying a little girl.....if not oh well I guess we'll see,...but I wish you well and make sure it's not a full moon tonight,...apparently science tells us there's more probability to conceive a girl on a new moon and boys on a full moon.

Kelly said...

oh wow! that is such great news and i'm happier for you than i can possibly express!!! is it pathetic that i'm shedding tears of joy for someone who i have never even spoken to, let alone met? LOL!

Boo said...

You need to join fertilityfriend.com and join the group for woman TTC girls. There's also a group for the boys...but you don't need that one.

There are supposedly things you can do (vitimins, sex and ovulation timing. We are too scared to try for number two just yet but when we do I want a girl for exactly the same reasons you stated.

Look out for Vikki over there. She gender swayed for each of her pregnancy's and has three girls and three boys. But each time she wanted those girls, she planned it and it happened.

Good Luck. I do wish I was there with you but Jaxon has too many issues and needs more of my time than I could give if we had a new baby. :(

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best.I have 2 girls they are grown now.I always wanted a boy.I had a miscarriage between the 2 of them and I think that was my boy.But Im happy.All is good.But I hear boys are much easier to raise.I will wait for your girl and then you let me know LOL;)Sorry,I didnt know your name. fairly new to blogger.Becky~~~

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Whoo Hooo! I hope that you are successful and I will be thinking pink for you. I am in the same situation except I only have one and we can try for a girl but no guarantees.

The Jillybean said...

Thinking pink thoughts your way. I have one of each...and while I love them both dearly, there is a different bond with my daughter. I hope the same for you.

Allison said...

Woo Hoo Congrats!! I exude pink... so I am giving you my pink dust!!!

Kristy said...

Oh how sweet! Now that I have my little girl...I want a baby boy so badly. This was such a great post...and I'll think pink for you! Best of luck! Oh by the way, You have just been given the Uber Amazing Blog Award...visit my blog for details...


Ann said...

Alright then!!!
I'll be sending estrogen thoughts your way!!!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

You, my dear, are FAR braver than me! I stopped at 3 boyz and Hubby got snipped!

tennbarefootgirl said...

I hope you get your girly girl. Boys, I think, grow sweeter over the years to their mom. I have two grown sons, no girls, and wouldn't wish it any other way.

sandi said...

First time visitor, but something I am obviously passionate about....Kids make the world go round. I always hear people saying, "I wish we had more." I have never heard anyone say. "I wish we wouldn't have had so many." I guess that explains why i have fourteen.

I am excited for you. Pink thoughts and prayers coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Oh good luck girl!!! I will be thinking pink thoughts for you!!!