Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Turn On The Romance

Okay, so I'm a corny, sappy, poo when it comes to romantic movies.

There's nothing like putting on a romantic flick to make me get in the mood. Which is a good, and a bad thing when it comes to my husband - because he LOVES it when I'm in the mood, but hates corny, sappy movies.

I'm almost certain that his eyes almost bleed at the sight of a romance set in the 1900's especially. I can hear him moaning, and groaning on the couch beside me as I watch Pride and Prejudice - and it's not because he's aroused in any manner, in fact I believe it has an opposite affect on him. The moaning and groaning more likely has to do with him having the need to regurgitate his supper.

So, I save watching these kinds of movies for when he's not around.

I'm not sure if all women are the same, but I tell you, it's movies like this one that make me smile at the thought that true love, passion, romance, and all that other sappy stuff used to - and still has the chance to exist.

Swooning a woman, and being so polite, gentleman-like, and so eloquent.

It all just seems so beautiful. And, if only we could capture a glimpse of that, and bring it into our everyday lives, well then in my opinion we'd all be ahead in our relationships, and our sex life.

If my husband only knew that if he studied these movies, even just a little - and took a few notes, why, he would be as sexy to me as I'll get out.

I am such a sap.

What other male movie studs make you drool?


Mama of Romance

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H.E.Eigler said...

Man, it's so totally true isn't it. Have you seen that new Ikea commercial?? It cracks me up and makes me wish for just one moment of 'soap opera' activity in my real life. You'll have to copy and paste...I'm lazy like that ;)


Ordinary Mom said...

I can completely relate. I am a total sap when it comes to romantic movies. I love them and my hubby could live without them. My all time favorite romantic movie is Dirty Dancing. Yes old and maybe a little cheesy but I just LOVE it! I can hear my hubby moaning pains of distress at the thought of this movie off in the distance as i'm typing....

Allison said...

I am a big sap when it comes to romantic movies. I swear I get so engrossed that it takes me a bit to come back down to reality!

I love Pride and Prejudice! The book is awesome as well!

Kelly said...

i'm not as sappy as i used to be. i blame my husband for that. but now i swoon over the more subtle hints of romance. like tim olyphant in hitman. i'm a sucker for a tough guy in a soft moment. i'm also an action flick junkie, so that doesn't help with the romantic movie thing. oh well...

Dee said...

oh you're not the only one! I LOVE the romantic movies where the girl and guy always fall in love and live happily ever after.........