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Sex Diaries of a Mom's 2nd Featured Post!

The response in the last week to Sex Diaries of a Mom has been honestly overwhelming, and so exciting! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out Sex Diaries of a Mom , and shared your kind, kind words!

So, Sex Diaries of a Mom was actually featured on 2 blogs today! First time ever, and it happened twice in one day, I can't believe it.

I want to say a sincere "Thank You," to the wonderful Cheryl of The Daily Blonde who was kind enough to feature my post today as well. She has an amazing story, can you believe she is the Mom of 5 children - she looks so young! And, I hope that she will be writing a post for SD's soon!

Check out her blog at and leave her a comment!

Here's what the Mom Blogger at The Daily Blonde had to say about Sex Diaries of a Mom:

"When I first read the blog Sex Diaries of a Mom I knew I had to connect with the woman who writes this fantastic blog...Mama of Romance. Her sense of humor is outstanding and I'd be hard pressed to find a better guest blogger who speaks my language...that is, she's not afraid to talk about the "S" word and make it a fun subject instead of taboo. After you're done reading, please head on over and read more posts on Sex Diaries of a Mom. She's most definitely worth listing on your blog roll. Thanks, Mama of're my kind of woman!" - Cheryl, of The Daily Blonde

This is As Close to Pole Dancing As She Gets
By: Mama of Romance, Sex Diaries of a Mom

She was a sexy, young, smart, amazingly vibrant woman.

And, then you married her.

Perhaps this is how many husbands feel after a few, or many years of hauling the old ball and chain.

Then come kids - and, the fa├žade is over.

I know that the thought crosses my husband’s mind each, and every time that I don’t meet his criteria for the perfect wife, and mother.

I don’t dress like I used to, flirt like a used to, and I certainly don’t act the same way in bed.

I’m not as eager to please, and no I don’t willingly give as many sexual favours as I used to. But can you really blame me? All I do, all day long is please everyone else but myself.

Life happened. Reality is that after getting married, and having 3 children in 4 years, all of whom are still very little, life doesn’t allow for things to be the way that they used to be anymore.

We can no longer stay in bed all day long, having a sex marathon. No more drop everything, and have a little love session on a whim. Not to mention, romantic alone-time together - what is that again?

But it’s not just what’s changed in my life, I’ve changed because of my life too.

I don’t have the energy, patience, or let’s face it, the desire to be the old me.

I’m sorry that my husband isn’t always my top priority, that his sexual needs don’t always get met, but this is as close to pole dancing as she get‘s, babe. For now anyway.

You know though - he doesn’t realize that he’s not Mr. Perfect any more either.

He used to sweep me off my feet, be romantic, surprise me, and hold back perverse thoughts, and gross behaviours.

Now the only surprise I get it toenail clippings on the kitchen table. Or, an awful stench, followed by a grin, and a “It’ not me.”

The reality of courtship is that both parties tend to portray themselves as being a little more squeaky clean than they really are in the beginning. A little more nice, pretty, sexy, gentle-man-like, or what have you.

This is a perfectly natural thing for all species of animals, including humans to do.
Male peacocks spread their lavishly handsome feathers, and lions use their impressive roar to attract a mate. It’s natural.

So what does that leave you with, other than a run of the mill, less than satisfactory version of what you really wanted for a spouse?

It leaves you with a lot.

I believe the secret to marriage isn’t about what qualities you don’t flash anymore, or what activities you’re no longer willing to do. Rather, it’s when you both be the best that you can be, and do the best that you can do, and love each other anyway.

For better or for worse, right?


Mama of Romance

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