Friday, August 29, 2008

Here, There, And Every Where

In the past few weeks, when all I would rather do is do it all at home, I've been doing here, there, and every where.

It's been a wild ride, lot's of fun, and totally exhausting. But worth it.

I don't mean sex. Sex? What is that anyway?

Between coming home from holidays, unpacking, preparing to send our 4 year-old to school, and did I mention re-packing to go away again, my head is spinning in a million different directions, and life couldn't feel any more chaotic.

I don't recall having sex since we were away on our holidays actually.

Nor have I had time to do anything else.

And, I know that I will survive, but I'm preparing my husband for the long days of - well sexless nights to come.

We're going to be spending the weekend in close quarters with family members, and our kids, and let's just say there will be no nooky unless we decide to do it in our car., that is so not going to happen.

I'll be lucky if I make it to bed to sleep, and get the kids to sleep in a strange place.

Quite frankly I'm completely exhausted. Travelling without kids is tiring enough, but with kids, that's a whole other story.

While I don't mind a dry spell when it comes to our sex life every so often, my husband is the total opposite, and as much as he wouldn't admit it, he turns into a Super Grumpy Hormonal Monster.

Some kind of weird Male PMS. Let's call it LOS (lack of sex).

His priorities when it comes to survival, as much as he may be reluctant to admit it are as follows:
1. Have sex.
2. Try to have more sex.
3. Grope, fondle, allow the little man below my belt to say his piece, and make sure that my wife knows that I want more sex.
4) Eat, Drink - I wonder if I could lick what I'm eating off my wife, or have her lick it off me? Maybe I could accidentally drop a piece of food down her shirt.
5) Sleep, after I've had sex, again.

Man, it must be a frustrating life, when you're a man that wants sex (the kind of sex you use to have when you were falling madly in love, and couldn't get enough of each other - oh and when you didn't have kids.)

And now, you just don't get as much of it as you want any more. Marriage, what a pooper. Poor guy, awe I feel so bad for you.

Not really, it's honeslty the least of my concerns.

If Mr. Grumpy Pants wants to pout, and be grumpy just because he's not getting any every once, and a while - well I guess he'll have to get to know his little friend the one eyed monster a little better, after all I'm sure he's not as tired, and in demand as his wife - Mom of 3.

What is it that they say? - In order to love others, you must first love yourself?

Well, I predict a whole lot of loving himself until life settles down. I've said my piece.

Off for the weekend with Mr. Grumpy Pants, wish me luck.


Mama of Romance

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Petra said...

Good luck! I know the feeling, my husband has always been the same way (although now he works so much and is never home, so he has settled down a bit!)

Cheryl said...

Making me laugh as always...tell Mr Grumpy Pants to give himself a hand....

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

just discovered this blog - added it to my list of recommended blogs for Blog Day 2008. It's awesome!

check it here:

much blogging love!

Casey said...

Sounds like a neglectful wife. Keep him happy (within reason), or he'll stray. You don't sound like you give a damn about his feelings at all. Nor do you share any sympathy for the fact that intimacy is the only way lovers connect beyond friendship. The only difference between friends and lovers is ... sex.

Instead of showing love and compassion for your man, who likely sacrifices greatly for you, you mock his longing for you. You ridiculed his desire to be with you as more than just a friend. You also made it abundantly clear that your making him happy is secondary to your being tired. You expect him to sacrifice for you every day he wakes up, and goes out into the world to support his family. Yet you can't be bothered to give him 5 minutes of love?

To make matters worse ... the women commenting on this blog are just as bad.

Petra now thinks it's a good thing that her husband is no longer around that much, because he's "settled down." Maybe he's settled down, and isn't around that much anymore because he found himself someone who paid attention to him.

Then there is Cheryl. Oh Cheryl, how clueless you really are. I assume you have an unhappy husband as well. How about suggesting that she take 3 minutes out of her day to give her husband a vigorous hand job instead of telling her to tell him to jack off.

Rest assured ... your husbands are not accepting your behavior as ok. They are internally very upset about your neglect of their feelings. I only hope you realize how shallow you've all been before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

My hubbie gets grumpy as well when the sex life gets a little slow. Like he is on a deadline, must have sex or explode. But on the otherhand, when the sex life is good, he is a lot happier! And so am I. So I tend to take care of my man LOL for the most part. You are right though, can't always find the time some days. Love your blog as always!

Melanie said...

I love the "Man" priorities!! As always...great post!!

Ann said...

I'm anxiously awaiting your return. I'm wondering how Mr. Grumpy Pants did? (Or didn't )

The Mom said...

Petra...Thanks so much for the input Petra, as always.

Cheryl...Thank you Cheryl, you're awesome!

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills...Thank you for the honour!

ncgirl3608...I try to most of the time. Sometimes though, there's just no more of me left to give.

Melanie...Thanks Melanie - they are so true.

Ann...I' sooo glad to be back - he didn't fair out at all. But, I think that our week away made up for all of his lacking ;)