Friday, August 15, 2008

An Unfavorable Love Affair

Almost all men do it. But, that doesn't mean that I want MY husband to do it.

When it comes to sex, be it radio, TV, or the web, you can be assured that my husband is drawn to it like a dog on a walk having to pee on every tree.

I'll be cleaning up the kitchen, wrapping up for the day, and he'll be in front of the TV watching something about sex. Whether it's Sex TV, the Man Show, or a soft core kind of porn.

To me, it's like he'd rather pay attention to other naked, or semi-naked women than his own wife. It makes me feel unpretty, unloved, lonely, and turned off because it makes me think of him as...well a gross sex obsessed man.

It's like a love affair.

Except there's no love in the equation, literally.

I don't understand how some women enjoy this kind of thing, and get turned on. I don't see the point, or enjoy at all watching other people having sex.

Unless it's sex in romantic movies, when the sex is more about making love because they are in love.

Not to knock the billion dollar sex industry, or anything!

But, the fake, just for the camera, shaved chests and privates, fake moaning, oiled up bodies, corny dialogue, fake boob-kind of sex just grosses me out.

I'm interested in my husband, the love of my life, and no one else - no matter how big their boobs, or their -you know what.

So why do men do this? Why are they so drawn?

Is it because they think that the grass might be greener on the other side? Because they don't get enough sex, or the right kind of sex?

Am I that inadequate?

After too many glances of boobs, behinds, and my husband sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing, I told him what would happen if he chose to keep it up.

I explained how it made me feel, and that it was his choice.

If he expected me to want to be turned on by him, and be ready to jump into bed with him, he was going to have to figure out some other kind of foreplay than fake boobs plastered all over my living room TV screen.

So it's the fake boobs, and the sex on the TV, OR it's the REAL deal laying in his bed waiting for him. His choice.

Man, I sound mean.

Here's my justification though:

He doesn't much like when I talk about how his Grandma just had to have a hysterectomy, about how I had to handle a huge poopy diaper explosion earlier that day, or about anything non-sexual right before we make love, so why should I have to suffer through what I don't find as a turn-on before we get into bed with each other?

All I have to do is say is "vasectomy," and his you know what shrivels into a little wet noodle.

I believe that in a marriage, you try your best to look after your partner's needs.

His needs are sex. I need romance, and then sex.

Fake boobs, fake sex, and all that fake stuff is not my idea of a romantic way to be seduced.

Let's just say that my husband hasn't been having sex with the TV any more, at least not before bed. He prefers the REAL version instead, thankfully.


Mama of Romance

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Rachel said...

hehe I loved this blog...I know alot of women feel the same way as you do, not I though. Dh has his mags, and his flix that I will watch when well lit for the night, but I have something better ...his name is BOB Battery Operated Boyfriend:) You wanna watch porn and look at fake boobs...?I'll hang out with BOB then... works like a charm everytime. I think Men are wired to be more visually aroused... we ladies tend to be more touch aroused... thats just from the info I have read on the subject thats why guys like to see naked bodies it really does do something for them.

Tara R. said...

Amen sista! It had to be said, and you did a fabulous job saying it.

(via cre8Buzz)

Anonymous said...

Holy oh Hanna I couldn't stop reading and relating to exactly what you are saying.

I liked the way you stated things and right up front about it. No BS. Gotta love it.

Waht a refreshing change from any other blog I have read.
Liked it so much I had to add a link to my blog.

Here is mine.

A bit on the boring side compared to yours

Melanie said...

AHH..fresh oxygen...only much cheaper, easier on the nose, funnier and I can relate to..So true..thanks!!

The Mom said...

Thanks Rachel for your contribution, it's much appreciated! I'm glad you do what makes you happy ;) Thanks for visiting Sex Diaries of a Mom, hope that you come back soon.

The Mom said...

Thank you Tara for your kind comment!

Sex Diaries of a Mom

The Mom said...

LOL Wendy, you had me laughing when I read your comment, you said it all with such enthusiam. I'm so happy that you like my blog! Come back again,

Sex Diaries of a Mom

The Mom said...

I think it's weird that some people buy oxygen. But anyway, glad that you enjoyed it so much! Thank you for the compliment.

Sex Diaries of a Mom