Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sexy Tip #8 For Moms

Keep It Clean.

What? - I thought that in Sexy Tip #7 For Moms , it was a good idea to enjoy the mess? Are we not being just bit hypocritical here?

No, we are not.

Sure, enjoying a mess is fun, there's nothing quite like a good clean mess.

But, be clean yourself is the point.

Because there is nothing more revolting to the majority of people than someone who stinks, tastes bad, or looks unkept.

I know that I am even guilty myself at times for not taking the 5 minutes I need to have a shower sometimes. Between looking after my 3 kids, our house, and everything else sometimes at the end of the day I'd rather fall into bed than take a shower.

Even though sometimes my husband might not take a shower, which is gross because his job has him sweating all day long, I don't mind.

However, when he is all cleaned up, and even in decent clothes, smelling oh so great, that's a big turn on, and I know that he feels the same about me.

Having good hygiene is a common courtesy that we should all extend to our partners, because without doing so we're saying that we don't care enough about ourselves, or them by taking the time that is needed to care for ourselves.

This should be common sense. If you were blindfolded would you be more attracted to the B.O. smelling man...or the mint fresh, washed one? Hmmm...let me think about that one.

Smelly man/woman go take a jump in the lake, and come back when you are clean.


Mama of Romance

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Petra said...

Good advice Mama!

Sweet Mummy said...

Oh yah! I agree. We started taking a shower at night before bed for that very reason. It's just nice to be clean laying next to each other. I found for me, personally, that I also stay healthier that way. I have fewer urinary tract infections, yeast infections, etc. So it's a double reason for me to be clean!

Allison said...

Oh yes! I just wish the hubby would actually wear cologne once again! I so miss that smell!

Melanie said...

AMEN to that!!

Jen said...

So true. My husband works in the septic field. 'Nuff said.