Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday's Muse

Heather over at Maternal Spark has started a new meme called Monday's Muse. Her blog, Maternal Spark is a great blog about creativity, and motherhood. I thought that I would give Monday's Muse a try, of course with a little twist of my own. Thanks Heather for the idea!

Since we're talking about muses, those things, or people that motivate us to be creative - that drive us to shine, I thought that I would bring up the subject of how to be creative in bed.

Ever since I became a Mom, to be honest, sex has become routine, structured, quick, and the same day after day - for the most part.

You're tired, and so when and if you're going to have sex with your partner, you're looking to do it, and get it done so you can just shut your eyes and go to sleep. Unless you're the type that likes to have sex while you sleep - just kidding.

You do what works, and what works is what you're capable of, and what's comfortable for you as well.

For me, between being pregnant, and having a baby 3 times in the past 4 years, sex has been slightly awkward, and even sometimes painful at times, and has become very hum-drum...well boring at times.

It's like anything; you do something repetitively for long enough, and it can get boring. But if it's what works, what's a girl to do?

Well, I challenge myself, and all other Moms out there today to step outside their comfort zone, and to do something that is different, that might require a little more energy, and might be just a bit uncomfortable.

I'm not going to go all Kama-Sutra on you, but I am going to challenge you to figure something out on your own. Quite frankly I don't want to get into all the graphic details, I'm a Mom for Pete's Sake, and my kids are here with me!

So, if you're really unsure as to what to do, Google it.

To no one's surprise, the internet is full of all kinds of sexual content from pornography, to strange, and warped things that you'd rather pretend you know nothing about.

If you're timid, try searching for something like "research Kama Sutra" - and hopefully you won't see anything too graphic, or intimidating.

But, if you do - you're a Mom, and I'm sure that means that at some point in your life, albeit extreme circumstances, that you've had sex a time or two.

We as Moms go above and beyond for our children, day in and day out. For once - at least, try going above and beyond for your partner, and remind them why it is that you are still so in love with them, after all you've been through.

Today, make your partner, the one that you love so much your muse! Good luck to making their heads spin, and shocking yourself a little too.

Feel free to link to this post, whether you are going to partake in this challenge, or not.


Mama of Romance

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H.E.Eigler said...

You mean to tell me that there is sexual content on the intarwebs? Who knew?? Haha, just kidding :) Looking to your sig other as a muse is a great thing! I hope your creative endeavors work out favorably ;)

Nellie said...

I love this post!!!!! My hubby and I had this very conversation about how routine our sex life has become. I am not going to promise, since anything can happen in our household to derail the best of plans but I will try to take up the chalenge. Thanks for your honesty!

Kathy_in_Colorado said...

Found you! Thanks for resending your link to me and for visiting my blog. Best of everything with your creative endeavors. ;)

CENA @ My 'M' Spot said...

my husband and i talk about this quite frequently. you nailed it with every word. so i'm going to take on your challenge (just not tonight though, cause i am really tired.......

Mrs. Buck said...

Great post...I'll have to do a little research/thinking and come up with something a little different!

Mekhismom said...

What a great post. And a very good reminder. Well, we never really forget but time and energy are factors.

Melanie said...

It is very important to do something sexy especially for him. Now that being said I need to rise to the challenge! Thanks for the post.

Sweet Mummy said...

GREAT advice! I love it! It does take a bit more energy, but I find that being creative and having fun can be energizing, too. Thanks for the challenge, and thanks for the reminder! One thing we do that's not required a lot of extra energy is to watch a TV show together (after the kids are in bed) and take one piece of clothing off at each commercial break. You have to get undressed later anyway. This just heightens the anticipation. Fun, easy, and enjoyable!

Cheryl said...

What a great idea!! I'm a big fan of shaking things up in the sex department...doesn't mean you have to hang from the chandeliers but just have fun....

I'm have a very romantic, sexy, fun guy in my life. My ex was NEVER like this. Not only is he a single parent to two fabulous boys, he's got a job that requires a lot of focus. However, that doesn't put sex on the back way. It's the one great thing that's NOT stressful and so nice.

I think most couples just have sex as a requirement or to just make the other person happy. When is the last time you just got naked STANDING UP (OK you think I'm a weirdo) together in a room with a candle burning. This doesn't mean sex...oh, but it will happen..haha....but it's really intimate to just stand together....yummy. It slows things down a bit.

I'm just a touchy-feely affectionate person. Not everyone is. I've never lucked out in that dept finding someone like that before now. I've dated or been married to cold, uptight people.

Just let go a little...that might just mean taking your damned shirt off in bed even if you think you "look fat". You don't. You look great.

earthlingorgeous said...

I so love your blog! Everything in here is hilarious and true. About this MMM muse thingy... I don't have a hubby yet but I will try to post something on Monday. T

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Funny how sexy lingerie can do wonders to get it all started off. Takes 'em back to 8th grade, I swear!

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