Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sexless In The Blog World

Where have I been?

Well, I've been sick, and busy looking after 3 sick children.

This week can be described as a big mushed up pile of endless boogers, too much poop, crying, and the feeling that my head was going to explode.

While I barely feel like I've made any head way with anything in my life, I now feel better, and ready to take on anything.

So if I haven't been blogging, commenting, or visiting any where for the past few days it's because my family was in need of much needed care.

There's been no blogging, no cleaning, no fun, and absolutely no sex - okay just a little.

I'm happy to be feeling better finally, and am so excited to be blogging again! I have so much to get caught up on, so much to say.

To give just a little hint about what I have to talk about...there's a story about liquorice and butts, a total marital meltdown, a makeup story, and another episode of the kids who say the darnedest things.

For now, I'm off to bed, but look forward to blogging all about it in the morning!


Mama of Romance

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1 comment:

Straight to Your Hart said...

Welcome back..hope everybody keeps getting better!