Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hot Off The Press

You are invited to join Moms Helping Moms - a NEW Social Networking website for Mom Blogger's, and Moms alike.

I just started it it's HOT OFF THE PRESS!!

I would be so appreciative of any feedback, good, or bad from anyone as well.

Lately, I've noticed that it can be a little crowded at some of the other social sites. It's nice to have the smaller community feel - at least that's what I think anyway.

If there are any Mom Blogger's out there interested in contributing to Moms Helping Moms, just let me know!

Grab our badge and help get us off our feet!

Visit Moms Helping Moms

It's sure to be fun, so check it out, and it is BRAND SPANKEN NEW, so don't be afraid to help break it in!

Here is a bit of what you'll see over at Moms Helping Moms...


Mama of Romance

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Lapa37 said...

It's a great idea I have found that it is a bit hard to be your self on some of the other social networks. Sometimes I feel like I have to watch what I say for fear of offending someone. So I like the fact that you have different places to go to chat about different things.I hope it catches on I will spread the word.
P.S. Have you taken a look at my other site? Treasure Hunt Thursdays? It's fun and it's a good way to promote your site.Take a look when you get a chance.

Melanie said...

Thanks for the new have been one busy woman!!

Linda S said...

Congrats on 10k sexy visits! Good luck with the new site! I'll def check it out!

The Mom said...

Lapa37...Well thank you! And, I hope that you feel more comfortable on MHM! Thanks already for contributing!

Melanie...I know! I am pasionate about what I do. I'm just so excited!

Linda...Thanks Linda, love to know what you think.