Thursday, September 11, 2008

Top 10 Turn-Ons For Men

Ladies get out your pens! It's time to take some notes.

According to men (at least many of the men that peruse the internet, and I'm not sure how reliable they might be), that despite the fact that what every man deems as "attractive" may differ from man to man, there are 10 things that nearly all men share in common when it comes to what turns them on.

I apologize in advance for going all Cosmo on you.

Here's the top 10 turn-ons:

1. Women that leave something to the imagination - Obviously. I knew men liked a low cut shirt, or shorter skirt, this is no news to me. I don't imagine my husband would be too keen if I flaunted everything I had in public, or even at home in front of friends and family, boobs and all though. That might be a bit awkward. So I suppose if you don't show it all, you are leaving some to the imagination, obviously.

2. Women that are not afraid to admit that they love sex - Well of course, if they won't admit it, they won't do it, and we all know that doesn't make a man too happy.

3. Women that have a strong sense of self-esteem - Absolutely.

4. Women that know how to talk dirty - Well if you don't shock them so bad that they run, they'll probably like it I guess. My husband would probably drool profusely if I used half of the vocabulary that he spills on me on a daily basis, even though I would rather he didn't

5. That love their bodies - I think my husband says "am I fat?" more than I do, and I probably have more % body fat than he does, actually I know I do. But, I love him regardless of his complaints.

6. That have an accent - I can relate to that. A few words of french, and my husband goes wild. Why? I have no idea. But, I can remember doing this soon after I met him. I said "Je veux te couvrer avec le sirop d'erable, et lecher ton corps." Pardoner moi, but I don't know where the accents are on my keyboard. For all of you who speak french, I'm sorry. Too much information, I know. For those of you who don't - it has to do with maple syrup, and my tongue.

7. That have a wicked sense of humor - Yes. Laughing, in, and out of bed can only do good things for your sex life, and your married life.

8. That are adventurous - One could argue about putting a cap on this one. Kinky, yes. Animals, another man, or any object whose function isn't apparent are going too far. Even for a man like my husband - way too far. Let's just stick with kinky...mildly kinky.

9. That are independent - If this means that my husband's going to be hot for me if I take time to give myself some love, hehem, he can forget it. I hardly have enough time to wash my hair. And, if it means that men like women who do "there own thing" in life, well I don't know about that. My husband gets a big pouty lip out, and whines worse than my 4 year-old every time I do something that doesn't include him.

10. That look like a centerfold - Forget it. I didn't before I had kids, and I won't after. So if my husband is one of these guys, well he best...forget it!

I found the original article here.


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Cheryl said...

OMG....I should be turning men on all over the place. This was written about ME. Well, at least the talk dirty part....oh, wait, I left something to the imagination last nite when my handsome man came by and I had just finished mopping my floors--in a nasty t-shirt and sweatpants. Nothing low cut or revealing there. Hey, real life is sexy right?

Melanie said...

Can you do a top 10 for women??..there needs to be one about being sticky..te-he!!

The Mom said...

Great list...yeah minus that last one...he can buy a magazine for that!

Jen said...

ok, how bad is it that I thought the first sentence read "Ladies, get out your PENIS!"


The Mom said..., I think that if normail real life is sexy, that's a sign that you're with the right person.

Melanie...I will! Thanks for the idea. I'l incorporate it into some discussions, and into a poll.

The Mom...Thanks Jen! I totally agree.

Jen...LOL - you are hilarious!

Allison said...

Wow no wonder I can turn on my hubby at the drop of a hat... minus the whole center fold thing!