Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where Moms Go To Have Sex

I knew it - I just knew it!

Pick a title for your blog like "Sex Diaries of a Mom," and you're bound to get some strange, and well...perverted traffic to your site!

I looked up for interests sake what kinds of things people are typing in at http://www.google.com/ to get to Sex Diaries of a Mom, and here's some disturbing things that I found:

mom's naughty job - what job might that be? Scraping poo off of the floor? Or perhaps fishing a family heirloom from the toilet?

sexy moms masterbation - yah, this is where all us Moms go to masterbate, together! Kidding. Please, whoever you are, you're in the wrong place!

momsex with friend - I just don't undertand. Is there such a thing as "momsex," I'm a mom, and I feel left out. Should I talk to my friends about this momsex business or what? Kidding.

naughty moms having sex - I will admit, I am naughty, but I won't be showing any naughty sex photos of myself here.

nude masterbation party public - now that is just twisted, is it a byol party or what?

mom's sexy nipples - ewww...whoever you are go away, there are no nude nipple photos here!

And, now here's something that is just weird:

"frogs in my formula" - I once referred to my husand as a prince that turned out to be a frog (I guess we should all watch what we say while Google is looking.)


Mama of Romance

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The Mom said...

Yep you win the google award for most interesting search terms.

Frogs in my formula is a blog I believe, i think i've come across it before!

Keely said...

Hehe, that's got some of my lame search strings beat.
And yes, Frogs in my Formula is an actual blog.

Kelly said...

i was going to chime in here to say that frogs in my formula is a blog. but i see that others have told you that. so i won't.


Lapa37 said...

They sure are some weird searches.I didn't realize your place was so nasty I am not coming back....JK

Jaime @ Just Add Laughter said...

I'm still wondering how you find this information!!! :)

But wow...weird searches! Scary, too!

Petra said...

Haha, are you sorry you looked or what?

That's kinda how I felt!

Allison said...

Wow is all I can say! That is some wierd searches! Google sure is lurking everywhere!

Straight to Your Hart said...

Wow..some of the things people create web sites about!! BTW..when is the next chapter??

Sweet Mummy said...

I've checked my search terms before, too, and holy cow - some of those same people are checking out your blog now too!!! One of the worst ever was "spanking your wife". Um...PLEASE do not try this search at home! I have no idea why this would be a search topic. Not even going there... I guess that's exciting for some folks, but there's nothing about it on my blog! There was another one that was something like "how do I get you to let me **** your hairy wife". That is just weird!!!