Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Naughty Wednesday

I'm posting a joke for today, instead of having a "Wordless Wednesday," because that might involve shocking photographs of your mother in bed, just kidding.

No pornography.

Here's the joke:

There's a guy at the eye doctor's office, sitting in the waiting room.

The eye doctor walks over to him, and says,

"You're going to have to stop masterbating."

The guy says "I don't see why I should, I can see just fine."

The eye doctor says "But you're disturbing my other patients."


Mama of Romance

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The Bi-Coastal Babe said...

You are AMAZING! How do I contact you to discuss featuring you daily/weekly on my blog??

The Mom said...

Well Thank you Bi-Coastal Babe! I don't know how to contact you though! ;) If you drop by again, my email is - feel free to email me anytime! Thanks for the comment.