Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mile High Club Here We Come, Or Not

Okay, so my husband and I are headed off for our very first trip since we started having kids almost 5 years ago.

I've only ever been on an airplane a handful of times, and only once with my husband, but back then he and I were just dating.

I KNOW that my husband wants to become a part of the Mile High Club, it's only one of his most favorite fantasies.

But, I have to say, how could it even be possible!?

The last time that I was on an airplane was with my husband back when we were dating, and I won't lie, the thought crossed my mind - and his.

I can remember, as we sat there on the plane, looking up and down the rows of seats, and eyeing the only two accessible washrooms. Neither of us could figure out how becoming a part of the Club would ever be possible without standing up infront of the other passengers to make an announcement:

"Excuse me, Ladies and Gentlemen. While the Captain continues to fly us on his mary way, my lover here and I are going to occupy bathroom A for a quick romp. Please stay seated, and calm, and we'll see you back here in about, 2 minutes."

The stuardists kept walking back, and forth, not to mention the bathroom was almost always occupied, with someone standing outside the door, waiting for their turn to relieve themselves.

I'm not too crazy about the idea of having sex where other people take a dump, and are air sick anyway, but I do know that such a risky venture would sure to be imprinted in my husbands mind for as long as we live, and would forever bring a smile to his smutten face.

So what's a girl to do? I guess we'll just have to wait to find out.

I'm on vacation until Wednesday, August 27th - and I will try my best to continue posting as long as the internet connection is aggreeable, oh and my dear husband, lol.


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Diva Ma said...

Mile high club, huh? Haven't tried it, but only since I don't fly that often... next to never anymore. But yeah, I'd do it. I'd do almost anything sex related at least once. Almost, but a girl has her boundaries! The hubs would surely be happy!!!

Melanie said...

You go girl...even if it draws attention,see how you can rock the plane.>>The captain will announce.."Please excuse us for the turbulance, the light above illuminating the seatbelt sign will be turned on until further notice, remain seated..thank you, all crew take your positions in the cabin..Lock."

Have a great vacation!!

Agnewbie said...

I love your blog! My husband has wanted to become "a member" for quite a while, so, for our anniversary this year, I took him to Denver...the mile high city. He thought it was very funny and we had a very good time!!

tim maguire said...

Not that I've done it (sure, it would be nice to be able to say I'm part of the club, but the actual doing it does not sound fun), but I think the best way to go about it is to wait until there's nobody in line. Then go up together but one of you goes in first (this will work if the first one goes in before someone else shows up in line). Wait five seconds and then the other goes in (by then, nobody who might have seen the first one go in is still watching). Do what you need to do.

If anyone questions you leaving together, explain that one of you has a medical condition and needed help with...whatever. Because the issue won't come up until after the act is over, nobody's going to question it too much.

Cheryl said...

I'm living vicariously thru your vacation....
I've tagged you on my most recent're it!

The Mom said...

Diva ma....Thanks for the comment! Nice to know that some one would...we shall see! ;)

Melanie...Thanks Melanie, that's hilarious...and we'll see on the flight back. Hopefull it's a bigger plane.

Agnewbie...Well I am so glad that you like it, thanks for the comment, and hope to see you back here soon.

Tim...That is a great strategy, one that I'm going to have to try out on the flight home....!! Thanks ;)

Cheryl...Thanks Cheryl,and I'll have to figure out what tagged means lol! ;)