Saturday, August 16, 2008

Worst Habit Ever - Can You Beat It?

For me it's toenail clippings, peeing in the shower, and leaving smelly socks all over the house.

Not me, I'm not the one that does these things, it's my better - I mean other half.

So what gets you going? Is there something that your partner does that really gets on your nerves? tell by commenting below.

I would like to feature the TOP worst habits in an upcoming that we can all see who's got the worst half, so to speak - (it's all in fun).

When you share your partner's smelly, atrocious, filthy - whatever, habits below, I will be sure to link back to you.


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Cheryl said...

No partner...but 7 years ago when I was married the toenail thing was disgusting. I found that made little piles of them when he watched TV...and then left them on the coffee table. Made me vomit.

Other habits I couldn't deal with? He wouldn't wipe the toothpaste off of his mouth after brushing his teeth. He wouldn't let a crumb drop on the floor but he walked around with crusty toothpaste lips. Eeew.

I'd have to say the hands down worst habit was his snoring. It was so loud and annoying that I think my neighbors thought it was thundering INSIDE our house.

I so don't miss that...

Ekta said...

How can i miss this opportunity. Nothing can beat this one. Here it goes - eating with your mouth open, disgusting isn't it! Yes but my husband actually does that, this pisses me off every time. But i have now learn't the act to still keep smiling, pretending to enjoy the dinner and yet polietly pointing it to the big cow EVERYTIME!!!
If this does make it to your top 10list do drop a line to Though i will keeping checking this space.
Cheers! EKTA

Renee said...

I have to say that for the most part my MIL did an AWESOME job in raising her boy. He doesn't anything that is really gross.

So his most annoying habbit is that he never takes the initiative to help out with things. He can see that I'm frustrated and running around in circles to get things done, but he won't help until I ask for it...and of course by the time I ask I'm so frustrated I'm not asking very nicely because I figure he should have seen that I needed the help and jumped in.

oh and he relies on me to remember everything.

but if you want some gross stuff... an ex-boyfriend used to scratch himself and then sniff his fingers, I guess he was trying to determine if he needed to shower? Oh and he didn't wash his hands after the scratch fest.

dominijai said...

My pet peeve is that hubby loves to undress anywhere and leave his clothes there. My living room is full of sneakers and clothes. He's getting better at picking up though. OOhhh, and bandaids! Goodness he leaves them everywhere!! And cups. you should really see my house right now since I refuse to clean up after him. He cleans up after himself every other day. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

Ok for me it's 2 things. Newspapers in the bathroom and leaving things out after he's made a sandwhich or something. Especially if I've just cleaned the kitchen!! This doesn't happen very often, but it drives me crazy.

The whole thing with the newspapers drives me crazy. I refuse to pick them up and he will wait several days before removing them. They build up behind the bathroom door and end up under my feet.

Jenn P. said...

My husband does the toenail thing, the peeing in the shower thing...but the most discusting thing he does is blow his nose in the shower! I cringe just thinking about it!

Colleen said...

I know I'm a lucky woman. By far, the most irritating habit my hubby has is that he doesn't clear left-over food off plates and put them in the sink or (more preferably) the dishwasher. He leaves them on the counter for the food to get nice and stuck on, or worse, for the dog to jump up and lick clean. EEEEW!

Petra said...

I have given you an award! Visit my blog and check it out you brilliant blogger you!

And my husband has too many to list, lol.

The Mom said...

Cheryl...that toothpaste thing would be gross, thank heavens I don't have a snorer! Thanks for your input! Sex Diaries of a Mom

Ekta...eating with your mouth open is gross - not so easy to enjoy a meal having to watch that all of the time, I feel for yah! Thanks for the comment. Sex Diaries of a Mom

Renee...scratching & snifing - okay, that is disgusting, and weird! Thanks for your contribution! ;) Sex Diaries of a Mom

Dominijai...picking up the clothes thing, I'm very familiar with, but bandaids - that's kind of nasty. Thanks for the comment! Sex Diaries of a Mom

Macnelly F.A...newspapers...yes annoying..condiments & such, not a good idea (does he know that mayonaisse left out can make a person very sick?) Anyways, thank you for the input! ;) Sex Diaries of a Mom

Jenn - okay that's gross. Washing in your own boogers. Ouu.
Thanks Jenn! Sex Diaries of a Mom

Coleen...I hope you married a plumber, I'm sure your pipes are going to need it! Thanks Coleen! Sex Diaries of a Mom

Petra...Thank you so much Petra for the award! *blush* I'm honoured, and am so excited :0) Sex Diaries of a Mom