Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sexy Tip #3 For Moms

Lose the Granny Panties.

Too many of us Moms are guilty of this. I'll even admit that I like to still sport my maternity underwear because they are so COMFY.

For practical reasons, you might not be able to rip out the thong on a daily basis, but try to make it a weekly ritual, like Thong Thursday, even if you throw it on just as you're getting ready to be intimate.

Cost: One pair of sexy undies, unless you already have a pair.

Benefits: Remind your partner, and yourself how sexy you are, and remind each other about the good old days when dressing sexy was something you did more often.
A joke on this subject:
Wife: "Where's the romance??!!! Huh? You used to be so romantic!"
Husband: "It's in your underwear drawer."

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