Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sexy Tip #6 For Moms

A sexy little note.

Nothing is more intriguing, romantic, and surprising as finding a sexy little note tucked some where for your partner to find.

I can remember my absolute favourite one. I was taking a long deserved shower, and the kids were all in bed.

At the end of my shower, I drew the curtain open to grab my towel, and low and behold on the toilet seat was a little note.
It read:

"You are the love of my life, a wonderful wife, and mother, you mean so much to me, please come and meet me upstairs."

Now, this little note however little, certainly held an immense meaning, and had me melting inside. My partner took the time, and the thought to surprise me, to be romantic, and to say the words too often that go unsaid.

When I went upstairs, I walked into a room lit with candles, and strawberries, and my wonderful husband who for tonight was sweeping me off of my feet.

All it takes is a few words. Romantic, or sexy.

I know a little note is a great way for surprising my husband, when I might write something like:

“You are so hot, and I want to rip all of your clothes off, and make you feel good.”

It drives him wild.

I think that writing notes, is something that has been lost in time, is so easy, and is a great way to portray whatever it is that you want to say, with a lot of impact.


Mama of Romance

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Petra said...

This is so true! My husband and I trade dirty text messages sometimes and it breaks up the monotony of the day and makes us look forward to seeing each other. It's awesome!

The Mom said...

Thanks for the input Petra...I know! It makes things exciting, and when you're raising kids, some times between poopy diapers, and messes you need a little sex energy - so to speak.

Tara R. said...

I used to do this all the time... it's something I need to renew.

Jennifer said...

My Hank Hill of a hubby wouldn't have it in him to do this. He's sooooooo conservative! I dunno, maybe I can talk him into it!

H.E.Eigler said...

I don't ever see my hubby doing that...he just isn't much for romance *sigh*

Melanie said...

My husband is all for anything that brings it "Home"..and very good at writing them as well...totally agree!!