Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sex Diaries of a Mom's 1st Featured Post!

I was honoured that a fellow Mom blogger reached out, and was so supportive of my blog Sex Diaries of a Mom. In fact, she was kind enough today to feature my post. Thank you to the Mom Blogger at Maternal Spark!

I just had to blog about this...because *blush* it was my first time writing for someone else, and I wanted to capture this moment in time so I can always look back on it.

Her blog is amazing! Check it out @ leave her a comment.

Here's what she had to say about Sex Diaries of a Mom:

"Aug 12, 2008

A Canadian Mom writes about post par tum sex

Recently I've had the pleasure of making the online acquaintance of a fellow Canadian mommy blogger who goes by the screen name Mama of Romance. Her new blog - Sex Diaries of a Mom is such a fresh take on the life we moms lead post baby. Don't worry about clicking over there - there isn't anything graphic or gross, in fact most of her posts are PG rated. She is an example of how that maternal spark of creativity takes on many forms - hers happens to be discussing how becoming a mother changes a marriage and let me tell you, she's one creative mama!She has graciously written a guest post for me, so here it is - enjoy." - Maternal Spark

Being a Mom is more than being a guardian to your child. To many of us, being a Mom has so many other sides to the story.

I think the secret to enjoying Motherhood, is to savour, and make the most of each moment.

For instance, I found myself dancing in front of my baby shaking maracas and giving them to him so I could change his poopy diaper. That makes me a great ENTERTAINER.

Holding my 2 year-old in my arms after he falls, and quickly changing the subject by making a toy magically appear that I had tucked away so it wouldn‘t lose it‘s charm. That makes me a

I placed 2nd in the race against my 4 year-old to clean the house before dinner which made our job less overwhelming. I’m a world-star ATHLETE, and COACH.

Changing every day chores that the kids loath doing into fantastic adventures makes me the best STORY-TELLER in the entire world.

Not having enough money to do decorate my son’s bedroom was NO challenge at all as I wiped out a paint brush, and painted his favourite things on a wall. I am an ARTIST.

Being a Mom means I’m a HUMAN GARBAGE CAN, a HUMAN CANVAS of which my children splatter anything, and

a CHEF, and

a COMEDIAN…who turns even the saddest of frowns upside down.

a SEWAGE SPECIALIST.....I can’t begin to count the number of times that I’ve had to retrieve invaluable items out of our toilet.

Making a paper hat, ship, or airplane in a pinch at a restaurant to keep my children occupied as the food is taking so long to arrive - makes me an INVENTOR.

Amazingly, during a wedding ceremony just as the bride-to-be was walking down the aisle, I instantly prevented a 2 and 4 year-old disaster by miraculously moulding the contents of a jar of play-doh into each of their favourite animals. That my friend, makes me a GENIUS.

Whispering into my spouse’s ear late at night, totally exhausted in a feeble attempt to be intimate, I tell him to imagine that we‘re in some exotic place to create some excitement.

Because in reality, after having children, real opportunities to have special, intimate moments are practically nonexistent. That makes me a GODDESS.

I cherish being a Mom because that makes me,


That being said, we are all way more than “Just” a MOM
"....Go visit Mama of Romance and show her some comment love. Her blog has only been live since the end of July but she's already got lots of posts up to keep you reading for a while." - Maternal Spark


Mama of Romance
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H.E.Eigler said...

I can't believe I was your first ;) I gather it was good for you - it was good for me to Mama!

The Mom said...

You're hilarious! But, you were...hahah ;)