Thursday, August 28, 2008

Naughty Wednesday, Catch Up

I arrived home late last night, and just got our family, and our house settled again. But, I missed two Naughty Wednesday's in a row since I spend both of them in an airplane flying across the continent on our trip. So, I have some naughtiness to get caught up on.

Here's the joke:

Two men are hanging out together watching television, and one of them is getting married soon.

The married man asks, "So are you sure you want to get married? Marriage changes everything you know."

The other guy says, "Yeah absolutely, then we'll be able to sleep together every night, and have sex as much as we want to."

The married man says, "Yeah - right. Once you get married, that's the end of a perfectly good sex life, you can be sure of that."

The other guy says, "Well we have sex a lot now, and we've been together for a long time. I don't see how things could possible change, just because we are getting married."

The married man says, "Believe me, before I got married, my wife was like a well trained dog who did all kinds of tricks; standing up on two feet, catching things in her mouth, you name it. The sex was great! Now, I have to beg for sex, and the only trick she knows is how to roll over, and play dead."


Mama of Romance

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Melanie said...

Rated your blog...the best!!

Petra said...

Cute joke!

Cheryl said...

As always, I love your blog! :)

Wanted to invite you to a fiction contest my friend is hosting. Some fun prizes. I love your writing so I figured I'd let you know...pass this along if you know anyone who'd like to enter, too!
Happy Weekend!!

Leah said...


The Mom said...

Melanie...Well thank you Melanie! You are the first, I think to have rated it that I know of. I appreciate it. ;)

Petra...Glad you liked it, I'm on a mission to find more - really good ones. Good jokes, that are clean are hard to come by.

Cheryl...Well thank you Cheryl, not sure if I missed the contest - I was away for a long time, and wasn't able to do hardly anything online. I will check it out, if it's not too late! ;)

Leah...Thanks for the comment!