Saturday, August 16, 2008

So How Ofter Are Moms Having Sex?

Not surprisingly, Moms don't have sex all that often. So it's nice to know that when my husband whimpers that he's not getting enough action, I can say with confidence:

"Well Dear, we're married, and have 3 small kids, the reality is that we're not going to have as much sex as we used to, not for now anyway."

It's good to know about other's normalcies, not because everyone should be "normal," but because it can certainly help to minimize the amount of guilt that you might feel for not being good enough.

We often think that normal is better than what we are, setting ourselves up for not being happy with ourselves.

It can also give you a sense of peace, knowing that you're not the only one in your situation.

Moms, rest assured, that if you're not having sex a whole lot right now, you're not the only one.

So, here are the results to the poll.
"How Often Do You Have Sex?"

64% of Moms are having sex about 0-3 times a week

26% of Moms are having sex about 3-5 times a week

5% of Moms are having sex about 5-10 times a week

And, 2% of Moms are having sex about 10 + times a week

If anyone is interested, I fit into 3 of the 4 categories, depending on the week. But, I checked off 5-10, although my husband begs to differ! He thinks we belong in th 0-3 category, lol.

Why is it that men always think that they get less than they actually get, and they always want more, more, more - it's because they are MEN.
Maybe I ought to keep score, but I'm not that kind of a gal. We'll just have to agree to disagree.


Mama of Romance

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LdybugSammi said...

I love your blog!!! Its all so true, I'm glad there is a place for all this sex talk for moms.

ps, i left you an award on my blog!

The Mom said...

Oh my gosh! Well that will be my very first, I'm honoured....I appreciate your kind words as well.

Sex Diaries of a Mom

Allison said...

You totally just described my hubby! If we have a good week than he will expect that good week every week there after!

Cheryl said...

...from a single 45 and divorced 7 years, I've envied anyone who has sex--once a week or otherwise. My dating experienced has been uninspiring over the years and if I did enter into a relationship the sex was so bad that it wasn't worth the time (I mean the sex where the guy says "I'm going to be the BEST you've ever had baby"...ohhh I feel a blog coming on).
Recently I stumbled across someone I dated briefly in 2005, as I told the Mama of Romance in a previous conversation.....we parted ways because the timing was bad and life got in the way. Now, I had better fall into that top tier for sex frequency...we're both single parents and he's so busy with a very demanding career that you'd think sex would be the last thing on our minds. Not true---we're finding the time and I'm EXHAUSTED. But it's SO good for your mindset..I'm telling you, sex every day keeps the doctor away.

Now I must go blog about bad sex you think that's rude? :) :)