Monday, September 15, 2008

Is Nothing Sacred?

It all starts on the day when you spread your legs, and bear all for the doctor, or nurse, or whomever is helping you to deliver your precious little bundle of joy.

From that moment on, it seems that nothing is sacred.

You sleep with a baby attached to your breast, you kiss your husband while a toddler tugs at you, you can't even go to the bathroom without having an audience.

As I sit in the bathroom, and I look around. The tiny room is filled with all 3 of my kids, and who walks in but my sweet husband to join the party.

What's worse is that my in-laws live next door, and feel like their presence is wanted without the decency of a phone call. I know I like that we can stop by at their house anytime, and always feeling welcome. But I can't help but not feel the same way about them popping over at anytime to our home.

At least when I go there, I knock, first.

So my husband, and I just put the kids to bed, and we are hanging out downstairs. We live in a new home that we built ourselves, and it's not completely finished yet.

So we don't have any curtains on some of our windows. But, no biggy, I mean we live in the country, and the only eyes that are going to see us from the back of our house are the cows in the field.

Well, I was watching TV, and my husband decided to take off his clothes. He stripped down to get more comfortable, and sat beside me on the couch.

He then asked me if I wanted some popcorn, and I said "sure."

So he went to the kitchen, walking right by our kitchen window towards the stove to make us some.

As I glanced over at his naked, and very cute bum striding across the kitchen floor, who was pressed up against the kitchen window with their hands arched over their eyes so they could see into our house better? - My mother-in-law.

Yes, she saw he sweet darling son strutting his stuff, completely buck nude across our kitchen.

I couldn't help but scream at him to alarm him of her presence. He ran to get cover, and I covered myself up with a blanket. (I wasn't naked. But, I didn't want my mother-in-law to see me in lingerie either.)

I'm sure I'm not the only Mom who feels exposed, and naked - even with clothes on.

And, my husband doesn't understand why sometimes I just want to have a shower alone. Why would I want to be by myself?!

So, that leaves me with one question - is in fact nothing sacred?


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Kirsten said...

You live next to your in-laws!?!?! You are a better woman than I!
At least your naked husband probably cured your mom-in-law for coming over before calling! LOL!
That's so funny you say you can't even go to the bathroom by yourself. Me too! Just a second alone would be nice!

The Mom said...

OMG, one we wouldn't live next to the IL's, two, if we did and that happened, we'd move! FAST! LOL!

Amanda said...

OMG did you steal this story from me? There are only a few facts that are backwards as we lived next door to my parents, but holy moly I know this story.

Nothing is sacred. Not anymore. Two children, one cat, and a house next to my parents. To top it off when we first moved in I love our big bathroom. I should have known a smaller bathroom means less bodies can fit in it.

Linda S said...

Consider it a good thing...I think her "just drop by" days may be over!

Petra said...

HAHA, that made me LOL! I have this vision of a naked man being ogled by his mom (kinda peeping Tom-esque, don't you think?) through the window!


Tricia said...

So do you anticipate this will encourage her to peep more, or will the episode have taught her a lesson?

Ann said...

She did WHAT?!?
What is the matter with her?
Oh my God.
OK. Whew...
(That picture of Lucy was ridiculously perfect in your story! What a gem.)
I completely agree with you about where it all starts. They don't tell you that in the Motherhood books!

Diva Ma said...

HA HA HA HA HA! I bet she high tailed it back to her house and THAT she keep her from just showing up peeking through people's windows!

Melanie said...

LOL on all angles (I opened my backdoor in my underwear with my neighbor looking right at me, they were going to a party and decided to cross on my yard what the H)!...I try to go to the bathroom by myself and it never works..all of a sudden "MOMMY you in there," while little fingers can be seen under the doorway!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! OMG - I agree with Linda - maybe she won't be so keen to peek into your windows anymore.

But I can't help but wonder - isn't she embarrassed?!?

CailinMarie said...

I'm sorry but I am snorting in my nightcap! (the drink not the hat) That is hysterical and maybe, just maybe, she'll quit peering in the window??? Thank goodness it wasn't you walking around naked *grin*
as to the whole bathroom thing... I'm guessing we can all relate. i just want to know when will they out grow it???

Saretta said...

No, not if you have children! And, my first piece of advice is "get curtains quick"!

Saretta said...

p.s. this is almost as bad as me and my hubby going on our honeymoon WITH my parents!!!

Jennifer said...

I hate not being able to pee or bathe alone!! Kids, kids everywhere, all the time in my house...I have 4 and the 3 and 1 yr old are ALWAYS following me into the bathroom and we don't have a lock, so there's no hope!!