Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Not Anti-Man

Shaking my head, as I write these words, trying to shake off all the melodrama I've received for not talking about my husband like he is a God.

I want to make it abundantly clear that I love my husband. If I never had anything to complain about in my life, in my marriage, about my husband, and myself - well then everything would be perfect. If everything was perfect, then life would be boring.

I am not perfect. And, although I may speak my mind, and occasionally step on a few people's toes, I think that's what makes me human.

Here are 50 things that I LOVE about my husband, just in case anyone is wondering, including him if I ever love him at all!

1. He is caring.

2. He is a great father.

3. I love the way he looks like a drooly puppy when he sleeps.

4. He is the handsomest man I've ever laid eyes on, I still think that after 5 years of marriage, 7 years together, and 3 kids.

5. He's generous, and never leaves me feeling like I miss out.

6. I can tell him anything, and blog about anything, do anything, and he loves me still.

7. I love that he loves me no matter what.

8. I love his bum.

9. He gives amazing massages.

10. He works so hard for his family, and looks after all of us very well.

11. I love his cuddles, he's like a giant teddy bear.

12. He makes me laugh.

13. I love how at the end of the day, he always asks "Is there anything I can do for you."

14. He makes great pancakes.

15. He is my very best friend.

16. I love how he is meticulous like a footery old man.

17. I admire his strength, both physical, and how he is always there for me, like a rock.

18. I love that we dream together.

19. I love his eyes. They are gorgeous.

20. How he likes to hold me in his arms each morning before he gets out of bed.

21. How when he kisses me, he sticks his tongue out - just a little.

22. I love that he would do ANYTHING for me, and his children.

23. I love that he is reliable.

24. Responsible.

25. Easy going.

26. How he just likes to chill sometimes.

27. I love his smile, his lips are so nice.

28. That he is so masculine.

29. That he gets embarrassed when he toots, and denies being the cause of the smell. I even love that he smells so bad!

30. I love his hugs.

31. I love that sometimes he'll just make cookies or rice krispie squares out of the blue.

32. That he is sensitive.

33. I love that he never gives up, and tries so hard.

34. I love that he is the best role model I could ask for my children.

35. I love that he still asks me to dance when he hears our song on the radio.

36. I even love that he is still a bit of a pervert, okay he is a pervert! I'm grateful that he is attracted to me after I've had 3 kids.

37. He's like a cat. He likes to be scratched, and rubbed.

38. He can do anything. He is Mr. Fix It. Mr. Build It.

39. I love that he often thinks that he is perfect, or that he has a better way of doing things, always. He's self-assured, confident.

40. I love that he is passionate about me, and that his passion has never dwindled.

41. I love that he likes to sit and watch movies with me sometimes.

42. That he is fun.

43. Young at heart.

44. I love having tickle fights with him. And I'm not sure why, but I enjoy pinching his nipples.

45. I love that he can still pick me up, and carry me any where.

46. I love his devotion to his work, and his family.

47. I love that he is so mature, and yet can act like a kid at the drop of a hat.

48. That he has a positive outlook on life.

49. That he is so ambitious.

50. I love everything about him!

Much of what is written here at Sex Diaries of a Mom is dedicated to my loving husband - I love you.


Mama of Romance

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Denise said...

AWWWWWWW! That was SO incredibly sweet! I may just have to steal your idea and remind my DH how much I love him too! :)

What a lucky guy your husband is! :)

Jennifer said...

What? Who the heck talked to you like that? It was very evident to me that you love your husband very much and that he absolutely adores you, just by what you've written! Whoever says otherwise - send 'em to me!!!!

Darrin said...

Awww, how nice! He's a lucky guy!!

Jennifer said...

Hi! I'm stopping over from Ann's GNO. That's a great hubby list--very sweet!

It looks like you have a fun blog here--glad I stopped by!!

~The Shoebox~ said...

Ok. I have been coming here for about a month, BUT I read archives dag nabbit. You and your husband sound a lot like me and my husband, lol. That being said... People can take their opinions and shove them in their Gods Blasted ears and all that. (please send all hate mail to if you'd like to be told to take a long walk off a short pier there you jerk monkies!)

Marriage is wonderful, fulfilling, and happy.

It is also frustrating, irritating, and sometimes more take than give. You posted to relieve some stress on a night where the take not give was prominent and you were thoughtful in your vent. You did NOT talk badly or harshly AT him, you vented ina venue where you and he are comfortable with you expressing what you need to without causing marital issues. If anything you deserve praise for being open and honest for all of the delusional teenagers who think that being married is all "lubby, lubby, snookie, snookie".

There are days where you are passionate and romantic. There are days where you fall into bed grumbling "touch me and die". There are days where you get to send the kids to a sitter and run around like naked newlyweds! LEARN TO READ PREVIOUS POSTS PEOPLE!!! This whole blog is full of love! That's

Ignore the nay-sayers as I am pretty sure they are just jealous that you have such a wonderfully open and honest relationship.

*Sorry hun. I am a bit ranty, but this is NOT the first post that I have read where you have had to defend the wonderful marriage that you have.*

~The Shoebox~ said...

By the way... My husband totally agrees with me.

Keely said...

I never ever got the sense that you are 'anti-man' or that you don't love your husband completely. I've been reading for a while and I often think, "Man, she must love him a LOT, because if my hubby did that (which usually he HAS) I wouldn't have been so forgiving!" ;)

Mommie Mayhem said...

Very cute. I just found your blog and I am so loving it !!

Cheryl said...

You must be a great woman if you can say so many great things about him. Obvious he adores you and vice-versa. I would bet he'd write 51 great things about you in an instant.

You rock,Mama.

Kaza said...

Sweet post. But also good to hear that you're blogging so honestly about marriage. We all need to tell our truths more often. Thanks for stopping by from Ann's virtual GNO!

Mrs. Buck said...

hehehe, I totally love pinching my husband's nipples too - he hates it, I think that's why I like it so much, he's a big tough guy and always wins when we wrestle, but the nipples are my secret weapon!

Diva Ma said...

What a great way to let him and you love him and to tell the critcs to go to.... well you know!

Melanie said...

Whoever it is that talks to you that way has a PERFECT marriage..can I be that person??!! tehe. Such sweet comments about your hubby..Lucky Man!

How to Party with an Infant said...

That is a LONG list. You can reference it whenever you get in an argument:>

earthlingorgeous said...

Lucky man you got!