Thursday, September 18, 2008

Promiscuity Is More Than A Broken Promise

While watching TV last night with my husband, I caught a glimpse of how aware we should all be. There was a documentary about sex, and disease. It was capturing the lives of many individuals who are affected by HIV and AIDS in South Africa.

I learnt many things that I did not know. I learnt that for many families in South Africa, the husbands have to travel really far for work. Often going a great distance to work in a mine, or on a farm for a year at a time before returning home to their family.

During such time, they are promiscuous. It's seemingly expected of them by their spouses because they are gone for so long.

In these mines, many of the women who have unprotected sex with these men have sex with many of them.

Therefore, allowing HIV and AIDS to spread, and be given back to the men's wifes as they return home.

When asked about whether they have safe sex with their husbands upon their return, one wife said that she couldn't possibly do that, because it was her own husband.

This got me to thinking that even in our society, promiscuity, or cheating should be a topic that we all talk about with our partners, just like having the "birds and the bees" talk with our kids.

Did you know that 1.2 Million people in North America have HIV or AIDS?

Promiscuity is more today than breaking a commitment - it's potentially getting a life threatening disease, and spreading it to those you love.

HIV and AIDS is having such a great impact on South Africa, and the world. It's something that has the power to affect us all.

In 2007, in North America alone, there were 54, 000 more people disgnosed with HIV or AIDS.

As a mature couple, I believe that we should all be aware that cheating does happen, sometimes even to those who don't expect it. We should be aware that HIV and AIDS is real, that we are all at risk, and that we should all be responsible in taking the time to talk to our spouses about this matter.

In 2007, in North America alone, 23, 000 people died because of HIV or AIDS.

My husband, and I have had a talk about sex and disease; actually at the beginning of our relationship. We not only made a promise to be faithful to each other because we are committing to each other for the rest of our lives, but we also made a promise to never put each other's lives at risk by being promiscuous.

If you are cheating on your partner, and I am not condoning this, but if you are, you have to get checked for STD's, and the person you are having sex with has to as well. You owe it to your partner, and to your family.

Even if you are not cheating, and you think that your partner is not, you should have this talk. It's important.


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A*B said...

It's sad, but true! Very well written!

Blogget Jones said...

You are SO right! This is why Old BF is not a BF anymore. He couldn't stop lying and cheating...or trying to cheat.

I've had people say, "Yeah, but men do that." I'm not willing to accept that or the risk to my health!

Thanks for this post!
:o) BJ

Melanie said...

There is something to be said about having a faithful marriage...
Very good post!

Ann said...

This was so important. Thank you!
I've created my version of a blog award.
Come by and see!

earthlingorgeous said...

This is so true. Very well written too.

Cheryl said...

Great post...the sad truth, but it needs to be discussed. Cheating/promiscuity/extra marital affairs are happening EVERY day here in the United States...from executives to blue collar workers.

This is close to my heart because I was cheated on in marriage...and it ended immediately. I intend to live long and healthy. There is no forgiveness in my heart for people who do this and could possibly risk someone's life, not only their own.

Education is the first step. There will be people who think they will never get anything...nothing will scare them. But if this type of post helps just one person stop and That's great.

Thanks for posting this. Can you believe I am serious for a change?

Have a wonderful weekend.