Monday, October 27, 2008

Junk in My Trunk

As I bent over to pick up some dirty clothes off of the floor, and head toward the laundry room with them, I catch my husband staring at me.

Of all days, today I look...well, like a slob.

And, I know it.

I don't often just not care what I look like, but every rare occasion I just don't have any gusto left to fiddle with my hair, or get all dressed up.

Besides, I had in mind to tackle a million things around the house, all of which would render me even more dirty, and slobbish looking.

Hubbie is still staring. He doesn't really look like he's happy, sad, mad, annoyed. Just a blank expression.

Straight away, I think to myself, oh gosh he must think I'm gross. Or fat. One or the other.

"What are you looking at?" I ask as he continues to stare.

He says, "Just at the junk in your trunk."

WHAT? Okay, so he does think I'm fat! I think to myself.

"What do you mean, the junk in my trunk?" I ask, now slightly perturbed.

"You know, the junk in your trunk." He repeats.

This conversation is going no where fast.

"Alright, are you saying that I'm fat? Cause you know, if you had 3 kids in 4 years I don't think you'd be looking like a hot skinny super model either." I protest.

He bows his head, and chuckles. "No, no, I think you're pretty, I'm admiring the junk in your trunk."

This still isn't making me feel any better.

"Alright, so you like that my butt is huge, thanks, thanks a lot. That makes me feel much better."

I don't normally get caught up in these "Am I fat? moments."
"No, I don't think you're fat, I'm admiring your junk - you know your boobs, and your snatch." He says.

I burst out laughing.
What!? I can't believe he just said snatch.

"Dear, junk in someones trunk, that means their big butt." I attempt to clarify.

"No, it means privates." He argues.

"No...." and we have a little friendly argument about the meaning of "Junk in my trunk."

When I think about it, the song "I like big butts" comes to mind.

Who knows though with all this lingo that changes practically daily.

I should start a poll for everyone to vote. Does "junk in your trunk" mean the fat in your butt, or your private parts? You tell me, apparently I'm out of the loop, but thankful that my husband doesn't think that I have a huge butt - to my knowledge anyhow.


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sandi said...

It is the back side, crotch not included, even if you are bent over. It doesn't mean fat, in can also mean muscle. BUt it is DEFINITELY your BUTT! LOL I loved the post

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Junk in the Trunk is all about the booty, baby. And my husband tends to want MORE of the junk--LOL!!! Lucky you that your husband loves your "junk" too!

Catherine said...

Junk in you trunk is absolutely butt. Trust me, I went to public school;)

Anonymous said...

Junk in the Trunk is DEF about the booty. It doesn't, however, mean it's fat. :)

Straight to Your Hart said...

It most assuredly means your butt!! So what do they call it in the front?? Is it measured in units..inches..gravity..tehe!!

Allison said...

Oh that is all about the behind! I find my hubby staring at my "junk" all the time!

Chrissy said...

It's the booty, baby! And it doesn't mean fat.

Bobbie said...

All about the Booty!!!

Irtiza said...

i have enjoyed reading this post. it's my first visit here and i'm bookmarking your blog.

bytheway, i dont know the meaning of 'junk in your trunk'

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

just to echo every here - it is the booty baby.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

It definitely means your booty-licious booty! Your hubby is so funny!

Jenni said...

100% buttocks. That's why it's your TRUNK - it's what you carry on your backside, just like a car!

Kelly said...

tell him that the trunk is in the back. as is the booty. ergo, trunk = booty. i'm still laughing about "snatch"!!!

ELLIE said...

OMG - I fell out laughing - what a great entry - and yes junk in trunk is your butt - but your hunnie's innocence is very cool - you gotta give him points for admiring
thanks for sharing it all

Cheryl said...

men love junk in da trunk. ;)

By the way, sorry...but you're tagged....

Dee said...

HAHAHA! I dont think I know the answer to that! But I dont think I'd like it if my hubby told me that..i have issues! LOL!

lisha said...

Junk is you butt, but I have only ever heard it refered to when it means it is a good thing. If he is lookin, there mut be something worth looking at! You go girl!

Bobbie said...

You've been tagged. See HERE for details!

MamaFlo said...

Yikes!!! I must be the only manly female cause I think it's the womanly things about ya.
I had five brothers though and spent my early years in the military when it was still very much a man's place.

Either way, if he's staring at it and likes it, who cares really. Enjoy him lusting after you!!!

H.E.Eigler said...

Hiya lady! I got more than enough junk to go around that's for sure...I have something else going around too - an award and you win! Come by and get it :)

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

For sure booty!!

Amanduh said...

I wish I had junk in my trunk. I've got enough junk up front but none in the back!

Diva Ma said...

It's exactly what you think. All about you butt. Having junk in your trunk is usually a good thing!

Sexy Housewife said...

I can see why a man would be confused. I think they refer to their privates as their "junk", but not in their "trunk".

alana said...

I think I just fell in love with