Monday, November 3, 2008

Reality Bites

Literally, after months of complaining bragging about my over-worked wonderful, handsome husband, my son nailed our living situation right on the head.

And, he is only 2 years-old.

Daddy came home late again, and instead of saying "Daddy, Daddy!!!! Hi Daddy!" like he used to, he walked up to my husband with a sour face, and said "You are NOT HERE Daddy."

My husband looked puzzled, and asked "What do you mean I'm not here?"

My threatening-to-bite 2 year-old repeated "You are NOT HERE. Nope. You are not. You are NOT here!" He was starting to sound angry.

His father now looking even more puzzled, and I just shrugged my shoulders, and said "Sweetie, Daddy's here. I know he wasn't here with us earlier at Grandma, and Grandpa's house, but he's here now so please be nice to him, and say hello!"

My little man gave another sour look, and walked away.

Could it be that my feelings toward my husband when he's not around, albeit I keep my thoughts to myself are having an impact on my kids - sure they are.

But, it also doesn't help that we had just been at the in-laws, and everyone kept saying over and over again "Where on earth is he?" about my husband.

Kids pick up on EVERYTHING!

Things are getting better. I love my husband very much, and know that like a person's character gains strength through experiencing ups and downs, so does the character of our marriage.

Thanks little man for giving Daddy another much needed reality check.


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Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

It is amazing what little guys pick up on!

ELLIE said...

kids speak what they see and feel and hear - at times we should take note!!!

Rhonda said...

For many years my husband was "home" but not home. He always wished he were somewhere else. And I know the kids picked up on that.

That sucks too. It makes a gal bitter. But he's getting better.

Straight to Your Hart said...

OUt of the mouth of babes...

Belinda Sinn said...

Kids and their profound innocence. As a divorced mother I can tell you, my young children have also expressed the same angry look...only directed at me..."Daddy isn't here, how come?"